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Building a Smart Home is an exciting adventure. Let's get started!

The HarmonyOS Hackathon is an exciting opportunity for the IoT Embedded developers, IoT hobbyists and students who always wanted to build an IoT based automation system for their own homes.

Get creative and bring to life new IoT devices, IoT Gateway, and an Open Source home automation server.

Top applicants will be selected to take part in this two-week online hackathon event where expert mentors will be available to assist you in prototype development. Huawei will like to provide financial assistance (€150 for solo participant and €300 for a team) for the hardware which you will need to purchase to develop your solution.

Bonus: the first 15 submissions will receive a 300€ Amazon voucher reward.

Spearhead the future of smart home automation, showcase your aptitude for innovation, and win up to €5,000!





An intelligent energy scheduler which suggests to the user appropriate schedule to charge the EV or to run electrical appliances when electricity is cheaper (low demand).

See the project page →




Pure Air IoT device and platform give the users the tools to make informed decisions that will improve their quality of life via temperature and air quality.

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Birdar helps kids living in the city experience nature firsthand, allowing children to never miss the exciting moment a bird comes to their birdhouse.

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Honorable Mentions

-  Team "Creator's TAG"

-  Team "AIRgate"

Bonus: The first 15 submissions have received a 300€ Amazon voucher reward!

The Challenge

Let's Craft the Next Generation Smart Home Automation System

using Open Source Technologies

Smart home devices and localized automation system are more appealing than ever before. But everything is fragmented. Creating an interconnected system, where each of the smart home devices talk to each other, perform smart routines together, takes a lot of time, money, and grief.

We can do better, especially those of us who love tinkering around with embedded software and electronic projects!

This project would require setting up an IoT Device with sensors and connecting it with an open-source home automation platform via an IoT Gateway so it can be controlled and monitored at least in local network. Focus should be on making the inter-device communication work between IoT Device and the Gateway and implement creative and useful automation routines.

Sky is the limit! Impress us with your imagination and creativity 🦾

Introduction to HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS is a next-generation operating system and an ecosystem that empowers intelligent interconnections and collaboration between smart devices

OpenHarmony is an open-source project launched by the OpenAtom Foundation. The purpose of this project is to build an open, distributed operating system (OS) framework for smart IoT devices in the full-scenario, full-connectivity, and full-intelligence era.

HarmonyOS, a well-known paradigm of OpenHarmony, is a commercial release developed by Huawei for full-scenario smart devices.

2.3 millions+ registered developers

120,000+ apps

10x increase of apps launched outside China

Program Overview

14th November:
Registrations close

15th - 29th November:
Online hackathon - refine your idea and develop your prototype!

29th November:
Demo Day - present your
solution to the jury

2nd December:
Winners announcement

Huawei Keynote at IoT Tech Expo Global

Participating Members

If you are a company functioning in the IoT/Consumer Electronics space and interested in joining our “Hackathon Alliance Program”, please contact us at

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